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IRSPM Annual Conference in the Hong Kong SAR of China on April 13-15, 2016





Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM)

The 20th IRSPM Annual Conference at the City University of Hong Kong and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in the Hong Kong SAR of China on April 13 (Wednesday) - 15 (Friday), 2016

The content of public management has always been evolving, and even more so in the last two decades. We have witnessed the drastic expansion of the public management realm in terms of academics and policies and practices. For example, through contracting-out and co-production, public organizations have extended their collaborative governance by involving more third parties across sectoral boundaries (i.e., citizens private and non-profit). Furthermore, more city and local governments have built globalized partnerships with counterparts in different countries. These complicated changes have brought up many difficult but meaningful questions to public management scholars, and simultaneously driven scholars to carry out more interdisciplinary research with those in adjacent fields (e.g., political science, management, psychology, and sociology). Practical challenges have stimulated scholarly debate and presented a great opportunity for the discipline to transform and move forward. The IRSPM 2016 therefore aims to explore these broad topics to address these changes, under the title “Collaborative, Globalized and Interdisciplinary: Moving the Public Management Debate Forward.”

IRSPM 2016 Contacts:

Academic Issues: Mr. Benny CHAN and individual panel chairs

Ex Ordo Technical Issues: The IRSPM 2016 Conference uses EX Ordo to manage paper submissions. For any Ex Ordo technical issue, please contact Mr. James Field Corbett at

IRSPM Panel C107 on "The Practice of Collaborative Governance in Asia":

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