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AAPA 2018 Annual Conference in Indonesia on March 22-23, 2018




The 2018 AAPA Annual Conference will be held in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on March 22-23, 2018. This conference will be cosponsored by several institutions in Indonesia including the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA), the Ministry of Administrative Reform, and the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA).

The conference theme is “Reinventing Public Administration in a Globalized World: a Non-Western Perspective” and more detailed information will be announced by the Local Organizing Committee and the AAPA Secretariat.

The Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee is Professor Agus Pramusinto in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences ( at University of Gadjah Mada (Universitas Gadjah Mada: in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. More detailed announcement will be made in due course.

Preliminary Conference Schedule:

Arrival and Check-in: March 21, 2018

Opening Ceremony, Concurrent Sessions, and Welcome Reception: March 22, 2018

Concurrent Sessions, General Assembly, Closing Ceremony, and Excursion: March 23, 2018

Check-out and Departure: March 24, 2018

Possible Accommodation Options:

Santika Hotel (2 km from the UGM)

Phoenix Hotel (2 km)

Novotel (1.5 km)

Boutique Hotel (1 km)

Wisma Magister Manajemen UGM (0.5 km)

University Club Hotel (on campus)

* Yogyakarta (Jogja or Jogjakarta) is a city on Java, Indonesia. It is renowned as a center of education, classical Javanese fine art and culture. Yogya means "fit, proper", and karta, "prosperous, flourishing." Yogyakarta is the capital of the Yogyakarta Special Region and was the Indonesian capital during the Indonesian National Revolution from 1945 to 1949.

* Transportation: Yogyakarta is served by Adisucipto International Airport which connects the city with other major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta. It also connects the city with Singapore (operated by SilkAir and Indonesia AirAsia) and Kuala Lumpur (operated by AirAsia).

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