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MOU between AAPA and 3 National PA Associations (Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand)




Networking and Collaboration

The Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA), as an international non-profit organization, aims to spread its links wider and work with various partner organizations in Asia and the rest of the world for the development of public administration. AAPA works closely with public administration associations, research institutions, and/or educational/training institutions at all levels through the exchange of the memorandum of understanding (MOU). A memorandum of understanding (MOU) describes a bilateral or multilateral agreement between two or more parties and it expresses a strong will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of collaborative action for mutual benefits and sustainable development. We look forward to having your collaboration.

AAPA works closely with a number of partner organisations in the Asian region and beyond.

During the 2015 AAPA Conference in Xi’an, China on January 9, 2015, AAPA President Pan Suk Kim had a bilateral MOU-signing ceremony with the representatives of three national associations in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

■ President Eko Prasojo, the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA).

■ Isabela State University President Aleth M. Mamauag on behalf of President Danilo Reyes, the Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA). 

■ President Supachai Yavaprabhas, the Public Administration Association of Thailand (PAAT). 

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