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Establishment of a National Chapter


Many countries have various kinds of professional public administration associations. Examples include: the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) in the USA; the Chinese Public Administration Society (CPAS) in China, the Japanese Society for Public Administration (JSPA) in Japan, the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) in South Korea, the Public Administration Association of Thailand (PAAT) in Thailand, and others. However, a number of countries do not have professional public administration associations. In order to encourage the development of public administration associations, AAPA encourages forming a “National Chapter” of AAPA. A “National Chapter” of AAPA can be formed in a country where a professional public administration association has not been established. In such a case, a number of professionals in the field of public administration and public policy in a country could form a “National Chapter of AAPA” and promote public administration research, education, and practice in their country and promote participation of its members in annual conference and activities of AAPA.

Interested professionals or groups in the field of public administration could send a proposal of forming a national chapter to the AAPA Secretariat. A formal establishment of a “National Chapter” of AAPA must be approved by the AAPA’s Board of Directors. For more details, please contact AAPA Executive Secretary, Mr. Ry Taein Park, at

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