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On behalf of the Asian Association for Pubic Administration,

may I extend our warm greetings to you.


The official establishment of the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) was in 2010 when the inaugural meeting of the Asian Association for Public Administration was held at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. The association was established with the aim to expand and improve research and academic exchange on public administration and public policy in the Asian region. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the AAPA. Over the past ten years, AAPA has been actively practicing the purpose of "expanding and improving the research and academic exchanges of public management and public policy in Asia". Thanks to the leadership of the previous presidents, the circle of friends has grown larger, the number of good partners has increased, and the quality of conferences has increased. AAPA has established extensive cooperative relations with international organizations and academic organizations in 15 Asian countries and regions, including the United Nations, South Korea Public Administration Society, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and India. AAPA has gradually become one of the largest and most outstanding public administration professional societies in Asia.

This year has also been an extraordinary year in the history of human development. The COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading across the globe. Scholars from all over the world are contributing scientific wisdom to the fight against the pandemic in different ways. Facing more and more uncertain and complex challenges in today's world, only when human society unites and crosses the boundaries of disciplines and countries can human wisdom be integrated to form more effective solutions. 

As an Asian community of public administration, it is AAPA’s duty to unite scholars and practitioner from all over Asia as well as the world, promote scientific development with scientific spirit and concept, and continuously enhance the ability of public management disciplines to serve the human society. In the future, instead of the routine thematic academic activities, AAPA will be the platform to serve both the academic research as well as the practice of public administration. 

We will initiate a series of efforts to build an Asia-based worldwide community in public administration for our members, to build a platform for collaborative and comparative research, to broaden the Society’s professional development programming for young scholars, and to strengthen the relationship with practitioners. We will recommit the Society to its core mission of fostering excellence in public administration research, education, and practice in the Asian region. 

Like my predecessors, I will do my best to develop AAPA knowing that I can count on the help and enthusiasm of our core group of AAPA members and of all those like yourself who studies public administration in Asia. I look forward to seeing you as a new AAPA member.

With warmest regards to all,

Jiannan Wu

President, Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA)

September 2020

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