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Value and Virtue in Public Administration (公共行政中的價値觀與美德: 比較硏究視覺)



De Vries, Michiel and Kim, Pan Suk. 2014. Value and Virtue in Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective. London: Palgrave Macmillan, paperback in 2014: ISBN 9781137387981.  This book was translated into Chinese and published by Renmin University Press in Beijing, China in 2014.

米歇尔•S•德•弗里斯(Michiel S. de Vries)and 金判锡(Kim, Pan Suk). 公共行政中的價値觀與美德: 比較硏究視覺. 北京: 人民大学出版社. ISBN: 9787300198941.

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